Sometimes I hack things

By Nathan True (

The Hack Gallery

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For all the amateur James Bonds and Macgyvers out there. Combine a handful of inexpensive parts to create an electronic lookout that will tell you when someone's coming. Great for espionage, heists, or good old-fashioned dumpster diving.

Create a wireless music player with a cheap storage router, an LCD screen kit, and a USB audio adapter.

Combine a cell phone data cable and a cheap wireless Linux router to have Wi-fi wherever you go for cheap!

With reckless disregard for my warranty, I tear open the new Neuros 442 handheld media computer and show you its glorious insides.

What do you do with an old laptop? Why, turn it into a digital picture frame, of course.

Inspired by Ambient Devices' Ambient Orb, I set out to create a wirelessly controlled color-changing abstract decoration. Did I succeed? Yes!

See more of my creations at my page!
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