Building a PVC Instrument

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Iíve written this as a guide for anyone who wants to create his own tube-based instrument.I suggest you read the entire guide before proceeding to build the instrument, as it is not a step-by-step listing.


Have you built your own PVC instrument?Send pictures and a description of your instrument to and it can be featured here!


Whatís New


July 10, 2001: New section! See photos of the construction of my own PVC instrument!

July 7, 2001: More drumbone information and another PVC pic in the Appendix.

July 7, 2001: Photo of pvcmanís PVC instrument is up in the Appendix.

*†††††††††† Phase I: Planning

*†† Deciding which notes to include

*†† Doing the math

*†† Deciding on a layout

*†† Microphones?

*†††††††††† Phase II: The tubes

*†† What to buy

*†† Cutting techniques

*†† Pipe elbows - the beautiful burden

*†† Tuning

*†††††††††† Phase III: The stand

*†† Wood

*†† Structural concerns

*†† Assemblage

*†††††††††† Phase IV: Finishing up

*†† Gluing

*†† Painting

*†††††††††† Phase V: Playing your new instrument

*†† Paddles

*†† Blue Man Group notes

*†† PVC IV melody

*†† Rods and Cones PVC basics

*†† The new tune from a Pentium III commercial

*†††††††††† Phase VI: Conclusions

*†† What I learned from this

*†† Why I wrote this guide

*†† Where to go from here

*†† Copyright stuff

*†††††††††† Appendices

*†† Photos of actual PVC instruments made by Blue Man fans

*†† Variations on the PVC tube array

*†† How much will it cost?

*†††††††††† My own instrument

*†† A photo record of the construction of my own PVC instrument.


This guide is Copyright © 2001 Nathan True, All Rights Reserved.

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